Pokemon Go: More Legendaries Set To Return

If you have missed out on any of the Legendaries in Pokemon Go the last time, now might be your chance to catch some of them as Niantic announced that they will be bringing back a few Legendaries for a special Raid weekend.

To event is to help out players just before the Go Battle League, the PvP mode for Pokemon Go. According to Niantics, Registeel and Cresselia will be returning to the game for a limited time. They did not say how long it will be but we do know that you will start seeing them in Raid Battle starting from the 10th of March at 8 AM local time.

As for the Go Battle League, it will be starting on the 13th of March at 1 PM PT. Players will need to walk 5KM to gain entry into the Go Battle League. Players can also look forward to the special weekend event happening on the 20th of March.