Pokemon Go: Moltres & Zapdos Not Far Now

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The arrival of Lugia and Articuno was a little disastrous but fans were still happy that Niantics has finally started introducing new Legendary Pokemon into the game.

Now that Lugia and Articuno are here, fans are wondering if they are going to see Zapdos and Moltres soon. Well, John Hanke might have hinted that the other two Legendary birds might be arriving soon.

According to him, we should be seeing Moltres on the 31st of July while Zapdos will be arriving on the 7th of August. Trainers will have a week to hunt down the Legendary Pokemon and capture them

Although these are exciting news, we are not sure if these will be enough to bring most of the players back. How many of you will be downloading the Pokemon Go app once more to capture these new Legendary Pokemons?

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