Pokemon Go: Moltres Released!

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We knew that Niantics was going to release a few more Legendary in the coming weeks. For those that have been waiting for the fire Legendary bird, it is now here.

Like the previous Legendary Pokemon, Moltres will also appear in Raid Battles and players will have to work together to take down the Legendary Pokemon. Moltres will be appearing in Raid Battles from now until the 7th of August. The next bird we will be seeing is Zapdos which will appear from the 7th of August until the 14th of August.

Niantics has recently released a new update to fix some of the issues that their player had when they got the last software updates. They fixed a few of the major issues including some of the freezing issues.

The developer also announces that they will be pushing back the Safari Zone event in Europe. No new dates were given.

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  1. Michael Koebnick

    August 8, 2017 at 4:28 am

    The company’s name is Niantic, not Niantics.