Pokemon Go: Legendary Titan Leaving Soon

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For those that still have not caught their own Registeel, you still have a few more days to do so before the Legendary Pokemon leaves the game.

Registeel will still be around until the 16th of August so you want to start going for raid battles while you still can. Registeel is a Steel-type pokemon which means it is susceptible to Fire, Fighting and Ground Pokemon so try to pick those when you battle it in the gyms. Pokemon like Charizard, Blaziken or Machamp would be great against this Legendary Pokemon.

Once Registeel leave, we should be getting the next titan which will be Regirock. Niantic has not announced when they will be releasing Regirock which most people predicted that we will be seeing it next week.

Niantic has also released the latest set of Field Research task which will allow players to capture Raikou if they complete it.

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