Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon Back For More

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Your chance to capture Lugia is almost over now but that does not mean that there is nothing more to look forward to as Niantic release new information about what the game will have to offer until the 21st of July.

With the weekend festivities now going on, Niantic ha also release Lugia back into the game. Besides that, each region of the world will also have to complete Professor Willow’s challenges for special rewards rolling out this week. This will include candy bonuses as well as reduced walking distances for eggs.

With every completed challenge, Zapdos Day will be even more exciting. On the 21st of July, players that spin a photo disc at a gym will get five raid passes instead of 1 so that they can participate in the three-hour long raid battle window for Zapdos. Players will get a chance to catch a shiny Zapdos and those capture during that window will have the move Thundershock.

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