Pokemon Go: Legendary Electric Type Returns

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With every new month comes a new Field Research quest which players can complete to get a chance to capture the Legendary Pokemon and for the month of August, it will be the Legendary Pokemon Raikou.

New details about the Pokemon was revealed on Twitter this week. After collecting the seven stamps, you will get to unlock the additional reward which will allow players to encounter Raikou, the Legendary dog. Raikou was also made available last fall.

Players can get these field researches by spinning the disks at Pokestops. Beside Raikou, the other Legendary Pokemon that players can actually get right now is Registeel which will appear in the game until the 21st of August. The Pokemon Go Community Day event will also start on the 11th of August this month with the star Pokemon being Eevee.

This time, the community day event will run for two days so if you miss the first day, you can still take part on the second day.

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