Pokemon Go: Legendary Bird From Johto Returns!

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If you missed your chance to capture the Legendary Rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh, now is your chance as Niantic announce that the Pokemon will once again appear in Gyms all over the world.

Ho-Oh is a dual Fire/Flying-type Pokemon so if you want to take it down faster, you need to bring along your Rock Pokemon like Golem, Tyranitar and of course the new Regirock. Niantic also hinted that there might be shiny Ho-Oh in the game so that should encourage players to head out to the gyms to battle the Legendary Rainbow Pokemon.

Ho-Oh will appear on the 27th of August and will continue to hang around until the 28th of August. Niantic will also release a new batch of Field Research task that will allow players to encounter Enter, on of the Legendary dogs.

As for Regirock, the Pokemon will be hanging around until the 20th of September.