Pokemon Go: Legend Pokemon Is Closer Than We Think

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When Niantics first started promoting their Pokemon Go app, the trailer suggests that players will be able to work together to capture some of the Legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe but so far, we have not seen any of them.

Fans have been waiting for the Legendary Pokemon ever since the game was release and just when we thought that it is never going to happen, Niantics hinting that we might see it in less than two months.

According to Niantic, the one year anniversary of Pokemon Go will be Legendary. Of course, most people think that he was hinting at the Legendary Pokemon. What the fans want to know now is how they can actually capture the Legendary Pokemon.

Will it be a team effort? Will the players need to go to a specific spot to see it or will it be all over the place? We are still waiting for our answer but the update will definitely convince some players to reinstall the game and wait for the event.

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