Pokemon Go: Landorus To Arrive Soon

The Pokemon Go app will be getting another Legendary Pokemon soon and this time, it will be Landorus, the third member of the Forces of Nature from Pokemon Black and White.

Landorus will be added to the game on the 31st of March and will appear in raid battles until the 21st of April. Besides waiting for Landorus, Cabalion is also still in the game and will only leave on the 23rd of March so you still have some time to capture the Pokemon.

Niantic also teased Genesect not too long ago. The mythical Pokemon will be added to the game through a Special Research story event, A Drive to Investigate where players will have to buy a virtual ticket to participate in the event. Those that don’t want to can also wait for the EX Raids to start in April to try catching Genesect.

Besides taking Landorus down in Raids you can also get Landorus from the Go Battle League reward for a limited time.