Pokemon Go: It’s Now Or Next Time

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If you have not caught the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, you are running out of time because the event will be end soon.

As announced, Rayquaza will only be around until the 16th of March this week so you have only a few more days left before the Legendary Pokemon will disappear. Of course, it might still come back in the future but we won’t know when that will happen.

Because of the Legendary Week, players will have a higher chance of hatching a Bagon from Eggs and Pokemon that feature windy weather will appear more often. Players will also get double the XP. All of these will end on the 16th of February so there is still a little time left for you to enjoy it.

After this, players can look forward to the next Community Day event which will be on the 25th fo March. This time, players will see more Bulbasaur on the map and they will have to find the one with the special move. Niantic has not revealed what the special move is.

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