Pokemon Go: It’s Now Or Never

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The Legendary Pokemon Groudon was released last month and fans have been able to spot the Pokemon in Raid Battles all over the world but would end soon as Niantic announce that the Legendary will be removed from the game.

According to the reports, Groudon will be taken out from the game on the 15th of January so if you have not captured the Legendary Pokemon, you might want to go out now and try and capture one before it is too late.

The best Pokemon to use would be Water, Ice, and Grass-type Pokemon since Groudon is a ground type.

Niantic also released Kyogre into the game this week. Like the other Legendary Pokemon, Kyogre will appear in Raid Battles and it will be available from now until the 14th of February. Mewtwo is also still out there but that Pokemon is even more difficult to find.

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