Pokemon Go: How To Take On Reshiram

The next Legendary Pokemon that will be added to the Pokemon Go game will be the Reshiram and here are some tips on how to make battling him easier.

Reshiram, the Legendary Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Black will be added to the game this week and will be seen in five-star Raid battles. Reshiram is a Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon which means using Rock-type and Ground-type Pokemon would give you an advantage. Pokemon that you should consider will include Phyperior, Groudon, Terrakion, and Rampardos.

Being a Dragon-type Pokemon means that he is also weak against other Dragon Pokemon so if you have Rayquaza, Haxorus, Salamence, and Dragonite, those will be some pretty good options as well. With the pandemic, Niantic has updated the game to allow Remote Raids so you don’t have to be physically near a Gym to take part in the raid.

Reshiram will be in the game from now until the 16th of June.