Pokemon Go: How To Beat Landorus

A new Legendary Pokemon have been added into Pokemon Go this week. Landorus is the third member of the Forces of Nature trio from Pokemon Black and White and it will be in the game from now until the 21st of April so you have many days to try and capture it.

With Niantic now doubling the distance of Gyms, more players will be able to take part in Raid battles without needing to physically go to the location. Landorus is a Ground and Flying-type Pokemon which means Electric and Rock Type will only have neutral damaged against Landorus. Same with Grass Type Pokemon which are usually strong against Flying-type.

To take on Landorus, your best option would be to bring in Ice Type Pokemons like Mamoswine, Glaceon and Weavile. Water Pokemon will also have a slight advantage so Kyogre, Suicune and Gyradoes would also have an advantage here.

So prepare your team and give it a go.