Pokemon Go: Ho-Oh Back For Another Round Of Raid Battles

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If you missed the chance to catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go the last time, now is your chance to capture it once more.

Starting from now until the 7th of June, the Legendary Bird pokemon will be seen at raid battles all over the world. Since this is one of the hardest Legendary pokemon to beat, be sure to be ready with your best Pokemon.

Besides Ho-Oh, both Latias and Latios will still be in the game although they will be restricted in their designated region. Latios will only appear in Europe and Asia while Latias will be seen in Africa, North America, and South America. They will remain until the 5th of June so you still have time to catch them.

The last community day event was all about Charizard. The next Pokemon for the June Community Day event has not been revealed yet but we should be hearing about it soon.

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