Pokemon Go Gets New Legendary Pokemon

Now that the Supereffective Week is over for Pokemon Go, players can turn their attention to something else like the new Legendary Pokemon that will be appearing in Raids.

For the first time ever, the game will be getting Terakion, a new Legendary Pokemon that is part of the Swords of Justice trio from Gen 5. Terrakion will appear as five-star Raids from now until the 17th of December.

Terrakion is a Fighting and Rock-type Pokemon which means the best Pokemon that you should take in Battle with it will be Grass, Ground, Water, Psychic, Steel, Fairy and Fighting-type Pokemon. Some of the best options will be Rhyperior, Gardevoir, and Machamp.

Pokemon Go players can also look forward to the Friend Fest happening this week. During the event, family-themed Pokemon like Nidoran and its evolutions will appear on the map more often. Trading will also cost less during the event.