Pokemon Go: Get Celebi Now With Quest

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Niantic will be releasing a new Special Research questline for the Pokemon Go game this week that will allow players to get their hands on another Mythical Pokemon, Celebi this time around.

The quest was released on the 20 of August and once you complete enough task, you will be given the chance to encounter the Time Travel Pokemon once more. While this might be the first chance to catch Celebi for some, this is actually not the first time the Pokemon was seen in the game as players that attended the Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago was given the opportunity to capture the Pokemon first.

To take part in this new Special Research, you will need to complete the third set of Mew Special Reseach Task first. There is also the trading event now where trades will cost 25% less Stardust than usual. Each trade will also earn players six Candies.

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