Pokemon Go For Android: You Will Need More Players

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It looks like you might want to start gathering more players if you want to play the Pokemon GO game.

The highly anticipated Pokemon Go game will be like the game itself where players will get to catch Pokemon and battle each other and like the game, there will also be gyms but the one on Pokemon Go will work a little differently.

Pokemon Trainers will be invited to join one of the three teams in the game once that happens, you will get to assign one of your own Pokemon to an empty Gym location or other Gym of the same team. If the Gym already has a team, you can challenge the Trainer there with your Pokemon. Win and you claim the Gym for your team.

It is just us but the fact that is talking about Team in the Pokemon world make us feel like we might be joining on of the villains, Team Rocket Team Magma and Team Aqua.

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