Pokemon Go Finally Starts To Listen To Users

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It looks like Niantic has been listening to what consumers want with Pokemon Go, which has become a phenomenon since being released in 2016.

Two things that people wanted the most in Pokemon Go was to be able to battle anyone in real time and to be able to trade. Now 8 months later Pokemon Go is about to be given these features.

The founder and CEO said that trading and player vs player fights are in the works for Pokemon Go. He went on to say that they would show up in abbreviated form and said that this is something that would happen soon.

It looks like the delay in offering these features for Pokemon Go was due to huge server issues that were experienced just after the game was launched. If you tried to play it you will know just what we are talking about as it was broken up for many days.

If the server issues hadn’t happened then the two features would probably have made it into Pokemon Go already. So at least there is good news as soon the two most wanted features will be making it into the game.

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