Pokemon Go: Electrifying Week Ahead

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Pokemon Go fans were given the opportunity to capture Moltres last week and now that Moltres is gone, a new Legendary bird will be arriving to take its place.

As expected, Niantics will be releasing Zapdos into the wild this week which means players can start capturing their fourth Legendary Pokemon now. Zapdos has already been released so you can start looking for them in raid battles now.

Like all the other Legendary Pokemon, players will have to work together to take the Pokemon down. Zapdos will be hanging around from now until the 14th of August so you don’t have much time.

There were also talks about Niantics releasing Ho-Oh after this but no word on when that Legendary bird will be showing itself. While we do not think that all of these is enough to bring the crowd back, it does help make the game interesting for those die hard fans.

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