Pokemon Go Cracks Down On Cheaters

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Cheating in games is pretty common especially for the games like Pokemon Go and Niantic has just revealed their latest method of dealing with the cheaters.

According to Niantics, there will now be a three-strike discipline policy that will hopefully help take out the cheaters from the game or at least scare them enough to play it the proper way just like everybody else.

It is said that the new policy to give first-time offenders or those that might have accidentally cheated without having meant to another chance. First-time offenders will be subjected to gameplay restrictions like not being able to see rare Pokemon in the wild or not getting EX Raid Passes.

Those caught for the second time will be given a 30 day suspension and if you get caught for the three-time, you will be permanently banned from the game. Players can appeal but they will investigate your account and see if you cheated or not.

This is an improvement over the last policy which immediately bans players.

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