Pokemon Go Cheaters Will Only Be Seeing Pidgey

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Well, not really Pidgey but all the common Pokemon instead of the rare Pokemon. It is a known fact that you can cheat in the Pokemon Go app to advance faster in the game and while it is fun for the cheater, those that choose to play the game the correct way are left feeling frustrated.

Niantics original strategy was to ban those players but in doing so, they could accidentally ban some of the players that were not cheating. To make sure they get it right, Niantics reveal they new way of punishing the cheaters.

According to the app developers, those that uses third-party trackers or cheating apps will no longer see rare Pokemon on their app. A Pokemon will still be at the spot but instead of rares like Dragonair, players will see the common Pokemon like Pidgey instead.

We do not know if this will really deter people from cheating but at least Niantic is trying to do something about it.

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