Pokemon Go Cheaters Takes Another Hit

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Despite Niantic effort to stop the players from cheating, players still found ways to get around it but Niantic is not planning to give up yet. Earlier this month, it was announced that Niantic will make things harder for the cheaters only allowing them to see the common Pokemon when they use a third party app and now, Niantics has an even better way to stop their players from cheating.

According to a Niantic representative, Pokemon that are caught with unofficial means will be denoted with a mark. They also added that Pokemon under that category might not behave as expected.

The new measure will come with the new Pokemon Go update. Not only will Niantics introduce a new Raid Battle system but they will also be making some changes to the Gyms system. We can also expect to see more live and in-game event coming our way and Niantic prepares to celebrate the first year anniversary of Pokemon Go.

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