Pokemon Go Celebrates Valentine With Minor Upgrade

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Last week, Niantic released a few more Pokemon from the Hoenn region and those few days, the only Pokemon that would appear would be from the Hoenn region but Niantic is back with a new update now.

Starting from now, players will have a higher chance of encountering the Pokemon Luvdisc and Chansey and they will also receive triple Stardust for each of those Pokemon they capture. This was to celebrate Valentines Day.

Besides that, Niantic also released a new update for the game app. According to Niantic, the update will focus on fixing the bugs in the app but they did not reveal what bug they will be fixing or if there is going to be more upgrades besides bug fixing.

Fans should also look forward to the 24th of February Pokemon Go Community Day event for Dratini. Chances of seeing a Dratini will increase on that day and players will also get a chance to capture a Dratini with special moves.

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