Pokemon GO Anniversary: History Repeated Itself

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Remember last year when we were all waiting for Niantic to release the game only to find out that it was not the game that Niantics promised? Everybody basically went from being excited to angry.

Well, that was exactly what happen this year as well. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Niantics organise a special event in Chicago where they will be releasing the first Legendaries for the game.

Things went wrong right from the start as players started having trouble getting into the game. Fans that paid for plane tickets to go to Chicago were very upset by how things went and John Hanke ended up getting booed when he got on stage.

While we understand that Niantics was trying their best to make it work, the whole thing just felt like a repeat of what happened last year. The good news is that Lugia and Articuno are now here.

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