Pokemon Global Link Comes To An End

The online battling hub for 3DS Pokemon games called the Pokemon Global Link will be shutting down after nine years in operation.

The Pokemon Company has announced that the online battling hub for the games will be shut down as the new Pokemon Sword and Shield will move away from it. The service will officially be shut down on the 24th of February 2020. After that, players can no longer use any gameplay features that need connections to the PGL.

However, features like the battling and trading features will still be available for the older Pokemon games. To mark the occasion, The Pokemon Company will be giving away one more free Pokemon to the Global Link users.

Starting from now until the 24th of February, players can claim a free Feneel’s Munna in a Gen 7 3DS game. Of course, players would still be able to battle it out in the new Sword and Shield game with the new Battle Stadium.