Pokemon Sun & Moon: Pokemon Bank Glitch Lets You Catch Level 7 Mew

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Now that we know we will be able to transfer Pokemon from the 3DS virtual console versions to the new games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, using the Pokemon Bank application, we now know that we can have Mew on the new games too.

So this brings up the next interesting question. How do you catch a Level 7 Mew? Thankfully there is a glitch out there that you can exploit to accomplish this pretty quickly and easily. Of course one would think Nintendo has obviously heard of this glitch at some point so precautions may have been taken to ensure that illegitimate Mews cannot be transferred to Pokemon Bank.

Well that isn’t the case now as the folks over on Reddit think the glitch was left untouched and we won’t have to wait much longer to see if it works or not. Nintendo has of course said they will be keeping the glitch.

We will keep you posted as more develops. In the meantime checkout the guide to catching your level 7 Mew below right now.


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