PlayStation TV: The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

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Seems like the world is bored of the microconsole that sadly hasn’t even lived a long life span (just a mere 3 years?), and now it might just be the end for the PlayStation Vita TV (more widely-recognized as PlayStation TV in the US). Reports have emerged mentioning the PS TV being labelled with “End of Shipments”, and Sony just really doesn’t seem to give a damn about it.

The silent discontinuation of the product may be fruitful after all, since the microconsole have been claimed to never having a successful stand in the Japanese market. To further justify that statement, a figure from Media Create on January 3 even released the lifetime sales of the PS TV at 185,452. That’s not very impressive, if we must say so ourselves.

And the folks from Engadget seem to think that the halting of the PS TV production isn’t as surprising as you’d think it could be, since the device “has long come across as an awkward compromise”. Perhaps it really was a mistake to have been released by Sony, but we hope it’s served gamers well in its short lifespan since its inception in 2013.

Are you sad to see your PS TV becoming an extinct species?

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