PlayStation Now Got Down: Was It The Hackers’ Fault?

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It doesn’t seem like a good Christmas this year, though, for gamers at least. As the season is so ideal for them to be all cuddled up in layers playing their favourite games, some of them couldn’t. There have been reports claiming that users have encountered several issues pertaining to their PlayStation Now as well as Xbox Live. Could Phantom Squad and Lizard Squad (hackers) be the people behind all this hoo-ha?

Not really, though they have threatened a while ago to take down both PSN and Xbox Live with a cyber attack on Christmas Day. The hackers had planned to carry out a DDoS attack, one that could overload the servers of the PSN with traffic to take it down. But, they seem to be extra nice this year. Phantom Squad actually took to Twitter stating that it has no interest in attacking the said consoles, with hopes of giving gamers a very “happy Christmas”.

Other than that, there has also been a glitch that hit the world’s biggest PC gaming platform Steam, enabling users to access accounts that are not theirs (now that’s scary!). Could you imagine users with bad intentions going through your personal information like purchase history, home address and credit card details, and not knowing who they are? But Steam was undeniably quick in their crisis control; noting that the mishappening was because of misconfiguration and not a cyber attack. Well, for what it’s worth, perhaps we just shouldn’t put too much information online…

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