Playstation 4: The End Is Near

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With the PlayStation 4 being around for so many years now, we were already expecting this to happen but to hear it from Sony is a whole other matter.

According to John Kodera, the PlayStation 4 is entering the end of its lifecycle but don’t be throwing out your PS4 soon because with games like the upcoming The Last of Us: Part II and Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 will still continue for a few more years before it fizzles out.

However, Sony is expecting this to have a negative impact on Sony’s gaming division as it means that this could be slowing down soon for the console. With that, some people are already speculating about what PlayStation 5 will be offering when it arrives.

Sony confirmed that there will not be any hardware announcement at E3 this year so we can forget about hearing about it at E3 but we should be hearing more about it soon as it is about time Sony brings out a new console.

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