PlayStation 4 Pro: Keep Your Hopes Low

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When it comes to the PlayStation 4 Pro you shouldn’t set your sights too high. While the PS4 Pro is a superb device, don’t expect the graphics to be better on top of 4K support.

King Art Games is launching The Dwarves, an action RPG, that was on Kickstarter in 2015 and which got more than $301, 091 in pledges. In a recent interview with the developers about the launch they answered some questions about the rate/resolution of the game and console and the support for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

When asked they said that the resolution is going to be full HD and this is 1080p and the frame rate should be 30 frames per seconds on both of the platforms for the game.

When asked if they thought the PlayStation 4 Pro would be powerful enough to render 4k resolution games, or whether developers should start to focus on enhancements such as frame rate they said that the console is powerful and that The Dwarves should have solid performance.

The developers also said that the supported the PS4 Pro with the focus being on performance improvements and while the resolution is going to stay at 1080p the frame rate would be higher.

The PlayStation 4 Pro does happen to be a console that is powerful enough so it can offer an increase in resolution along with graphic improvements. The developers said that games running at 4k or 1800p don’t need any other graphic enhancements, however when played at 1080p on HDTV then the majority of games get some improvements to the graphics and quality of image.