PlayStation 3 Failed Because Of PS2

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Usually a newer games console does better than the one that it replaced, right? Well actually in the case of the PlayStation 3 this isn’t the case. It is said that the console failed due to the PS2, which has managed to sell a lot more units.

The PS2 was, and in many ways still is, the far superior console. With some people saying that it is the most successful of all time. It seems that the pressure from the PS2 sales success led to many mistakes when they were making the PlayStation 3 and this caused its failure, along with the high price tag of $500 to $600.

So what mistakes has been the downfall of the PlayStation 3? When the PS3 came out it was received quite well and eventually the technology that had gone into the making of the console was appreciated. However, even when charging $600 for the console the company was losing money on each unit they sold.

At the time of its launch the cell processor in the PlayStation 3 along with the proprietary technology was rather difficult to develop for along with manufacture. It had to contend with the Xbox 360, which at this point had been on the market for more than a year and which came with a lower price tag.

So the PlayStation 3 hasn’t been the best seller that the company was hoping for and it didn’t have what it takes to beat the predecessor, the PS2. The PS2 has managed to retain the top spot for sales with global sales of 157.68 million units being sold. The PS3 meanwhile has to be content with sixth place with only 86.57 million units being sold. This means that it comes under the Wii, which managed to sell 101.18 million units.

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