7th Samsung Galaxy S3 Color Choice Leaked, Most Striking One Yet

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Samsung are to release another color in their Galaxy S3 line-up, that’s if images leaked on the internet can be believed. Droid-Life reports that the new color is a bright pink and it will be released in Korea next week. Check out the pictures at the bottom.

Pink Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures leaked

Samsung have launched the handset in numerous colors along with the white and blue handsets that were originally launched. We’re talking about gray, brown, red and of course the sleek black number.

At the moment Samsung have not said if the new pink version of the handset will be available in the US and of course it may be dependent on regions. The new pink will certainly be a huge hit will all the girls and it is coming out in plenty of time for the holiday season.

What do you think about a pink Samsung Galaxy S3? The pink Samsung Galaxy Note from last year did end up becoming a hit in Asia so why not right?

Pink Samsung Galaxy S3

Pink Samsung Galaxy S3

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