Would Tim Cook Approve A Pink iPhone 6 This Summer? Apparently So Says Analyst

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Could there be a pink Apple iPhone 6 coming out this summer? Much like the pink Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy S3, analysts believe Tim Cook could give the green light for more vibrant colored iPhone models this year.

iPhone 6 to come in more colors this summer?

Apple will reveal the next Apple iPhone in the summer and it will be available in many different colours and screen sizes. At least this is the prediction from an analyst.

Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets has said that he expects Apple to reveal their next gen device in May or June, which some believe will be called the Apple iPhone 6 or 5S.

Along with the iPhone 6 being available in white and black options, there may also be yellow, blue and pink to choose from. He also said that Apple may offer the device with more than one display size.

White said that Apple have never offered more than one screen size for a single model, but this is about to change. When Apple offers the iPhone 6 in different screen sizes it will help them to expand their market much like Samsung saw with the Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

His predictions are similar to those of Peter Misek, who also said that he thought the new Apple iPhone 6 would come out in the summer and be available in different colours, with there being around 6 to 8 choices.

If Apple launches the 7th generation iPhone in the summer, this would be the first time since 2010 that they have launched a smartphone in that time period. The last two devices, the Apple iPhone 5 and 4S, came out during the fall.

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