[PICS] Motorola Turbo 3: Is This A Hint Of Its Future?

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We welcome you to the upcoming Motorola Turbo 3 (conveniently named this way since it should be an upgraded version of the DROID 2), …just that it’s a concept phone. We almost had you there, didn’t we? But then again, this rendered smartphone may well be hinting us that the upcoming Motorola flagship would look something similar. And if that were to happen, we couldn’t be more excited.

This stainless-steel-soap-bar-like rendered phone may strike as a deja vu for some, because designer Faisal Semari did a similar one previously, and it was an award-winning concept phone. From what we can see in the pictures, the device seems to be made of a luxurious material and the coolest thing is probably this: it’s able to adapt the screen colour to the chassis. Check it out:



Looks really cool, isn’t it? And we bet this had you looking at it at least twice just because you’re fascinated by the seamless design. Looks like Motorola would have to figure out a new way to find the necessary materials for their smartphone, since it seems like some sort of new alloy. Then again, we can’t wait to see what the next Motorola smartphone would look like!

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