iPhone 5S & 6 Both Hit Apple’s Supplier, Hands On Reveals Subtle Differences

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There is a poster on a microblogging site in China that says a friend has caught a glimpse of the Apple iPhone 5S and 6, which have been rumoured to be arriving this year reports CNET.

It has been said that the two devices have been seen at a supplier and that the Apple iPhone 5S looks just like the previous model and the Apple iPhone 6 is wider, thinner and longer.

Apple has not made a comment on this at the moment.

Apple will be getting closer to the launch of their new devices and so speculations are reaching fever pitch. So this means that the comments about the handsets should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Analysts have been saying that Apple would release the Apple iPhone 5S along with another version of the device in June or July. An analyst for KGI Securities did predict last month that the S model of the iPhone would look like the current version with the exception of some improvement, these would include a faster processor and fingerprint sensor.

It is thought that a larger display would entice customers in to Apple and the iPhone 6, after all the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.8 inches and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5 inches have done well.

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