Peugeot Saying Goodbye To GTi, Not The End Of Performance Versions

The GTi moniker does mean a lot for Peugeot especially after the success of the 205 GTi model but new reports now suggest that Peugeot is looking to say goodbye to it.

According to AutoExpress, Peugeot is considering axing the GTi moniker and instead, use the Peugeot Sport Engineered as the replacement for it. It is believed that one of the reasons Peugeot is considering it is because the next 208 hot hatch could be electrified.

While some people seem to agree that there is a need to change the moniker, it was said that some inside are not too happy about retiring the GTi as they believe that the GTi moniker can still be used even if the vehicle becomes electric similar to how Porche keep the Turbo for the Taycan despite the fact that it is an electric vehicle.

Peugeot has not come to any conclusion yet so we will have to wait and see.