Peugeot 508: Will Design Won’t Scare Customers Away

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We do applaud Peugeot for at least trying to make their vehicles for interesting but their last few attempts were more of a failure as they were often described as ugly. However, things might be changing for the better.

Peugeot recently took the covers off their new Peugeot 508 model and unlike the past models, this new Peugeot 508 actually looked quite impressive. The exterior is clean and tidy and the interior is stunning.

The new modern design would definitely turn more than a few heads in the UK when it arrives. Just like the other Peugeot models, this will not be making its way to the US. Although that was never an issue in the past, the new design direction might have some of us dreaming that it would actually come our way.

What do you think of Peugeot new design direction?