Persona Q2: New Cinema Ladyrinth New Trailer Has Fans Buzzing

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There is still a lot that we do not know about Persona Q2 right now but the new trailer did reveal a little more detail about the game.

From what we can see, it looks like this game will bring back the cost from the past three mainline games. Just like the previous Q spin-off game, this will also get its new characters. In this case, it will be Rei and Zen but we also saw glimpses of Makoto Niijima, Yukari Takeba and more.

It looked like there might be a misunderstanding between the characters from 4 and 5 as they were seen to be fighting each other. The last Persona game was very well received and fans can’t wait to dive right into the game as well.

The game will be arriving in Japan on the 29th of November. No word on when the localized version will be released. Check out the new trailer below.