Persona 5 Scramble New Trailer Show Game Stealth Mechanics & More

A new Persona 5 Scramble trailer was released giving us a clear look at what the game will have to offer when it finally arrives.

The trailer had a few interesting clips showing fans some light stealth similar to what we have seen in Persona 5 along with some platforming elements. We got to see Joker and the other characters jumping and exploring the environment.

The trailer also ad a motorbike combat and some snowboarding action as well. Overall, it does feel like a lot of the Persona game elements will be included in the game after all. The new Persona 5 Scramble is set to be released in Japan on the 2nd of February on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. No date has been announced for the western markets yet but most people think that it will be coming eventually seeing how popular the game is.

Check out the latest trailer belwo and tell us what you think of it.