PC: Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Is Main Course, Here’s The Appetizer

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Owners of the Xbox360 have Dragonborn and this has made dragons the in-topic at the moment with all the dragon shouts and added storylines. And while this is what PC fans are waiting to get their hands on as well, they can now enjoy a different kind of dragon treat first.

PC: Skyrim dragons mods to enjoy before Dragonborn DLC release

There has been an update pack for Skyrim on the PC that brings upgraded dragon graphics. This mod brings with it enhancements to the colours, textures and more details to the dragons. You can find the details listed below; however this is only for the PC version of Skyrim mind you:

The colours are now more natural, with less de-saturation
The horns and spines that had poor colours or wrong colours have been fixed
The mesh seams and bad textures have been reduced or fixed
The dragons do not look greasy anymore, this was something that caused seam issues
The texture of Odahviing has been changed and he doesn’t look too pink anymore. The missing eye and seams have also been corrected.
Alduins colour has been darkened and the grey scale has been enhanced so as to enhance his stylised theme. This took inspiration from glass and volcanic rock
The dragons have new eye textures and the Blood Dragon frog eyes have now been replaced
Fixes to meshes and textures have also been made and this includes fixing tiles for the HD DLC.
The Ancient Dragon now has a texture that is HD
The translucent file on the dragons wings have seen a resolution increase so that they have more details in the membranes
The gums and mouths have been changed to a more natural look, holes were teeth were missing have been filled.

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