Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Port Had Players Scratching Their Head

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It has just been announced that Payday 2 will be ported to Nintendo Switch. While that might sound like good news especially for the Nintendo Switch players, some fans are left feeling confuse as to why the developer choose to do that.

It is no secret that Payday 2 has pretty much been abandon in the other consoles and since the game has so many bugs that have not been fixed yet, why would they want to port to the Nintendo Switch.

Some fans speculated that this could mean that Overkill might be working to fix the game now so that it would not have the same issues when Nintendo Switch version arrives. If they don’t, we don’t see how the game could actually work properly this time.

Fans were left with a bitter aftertaste after Overkill abandon the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and Playstation 4 version after releasing it and some fans feel like the same will happen with the Switch as well.

Of course, the game was still fun but with all the issues it had and the lack of updates, the fans just got tired of it. If you plan to get it on the Nintendo Switch, our advice is to wait a little longer and see how the public is responding before spending your money to get one.

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