PAX Online Finally Gets A Date

PAX 2020 might not be happening physically but there will be a PAX event as the organizer announce that they will be taking it online this year and now we even have a date for the online event.

PAX announced this week that the online event will be happening on the 12th of September until the 20th of September. The good news is that the event will be free so everybody can join in the fun. The organizer promise that there will be a steady 24/7 stream of content, event, discussions, and gameplay.

Some of the usual things will include esport content, game demos, panels, and merch which will be available online. They also teased that there will still be some new surprise and exciting stuff planned.

Developers can start submitting their games for PAX Indie Showcase now. Besides PAX, Comic-Con has also announce that they will be going digital this year.