Path Of Exile Harvest Expansion Gets Released Date

Those looking forward to the next expansion for Path of Exile will now have a date to look forward to as the developer announces the release date of the expansion.

Called Harvest, the new expansion for Path of Exile will be arriving on PC before heading to PS4 a few days later. The new expansion will come with some new challenge league, extensive balance changes, and also some visual improvements.

In this expansion, the game will focus on an area called the Sacred Grove which will give players some rare and formidable items. Exploring these new areas will get players Seed Caches which players will then need to plant in Sacred Grove and this will grant them rarer monsters to fight or harvest.

The update will also make some changes to the crafting system of the game. Harvest will be arriving on the 19th of June for PC players and the 24th of June for PS4 players.