Path of Exile Goes Deeper With New DLC

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The new expansion is only a few weeks away and this time, the developers will be bringing their fans deeper into the ground with the Azurite Mine.

Players can find lost treasures and rare minerals here but unlike the other mines that they can explore in the game, there is an oppressive darkness that will devour those that stays too long in the mine. This is basically an infinite dungeon. players will use an automated mine cart’s light source to explore the caverns.

While lower level characters can definitely try their luck here, it is advised that you level up first before doing down especially if you plan to go deeper into the mines where the darkness is much more potent. Besides getting a new DLC, the update will also come with some visual improvements for the game so players will notice a nicer character design and lighting.

The Delve expansion will be arriving on PC on the 31st of August while Xbox One players will only get it on the 3rd of September.