Paladins Massive Update Arrives This Week

Paladins will be getting a huge update this week which will make some major changes to the game and bring in a few new features. Here is what we know right now.

The new update, Christened Sans of the Myth will come with a new battle pass that will be ending in May along with a few cosmetic items including Death Cards, a customizable image of the character that will be seen by your opponent that you have killed. The update will also come with a new victory screen.

Frog Island map has also been updated to add more frogs to the island. The update will also fix a few of the bugs that have been reported and also balance the game out. On top of that, kill-cam and top play have also been removed from the game as the developers think that these features brought too many bugs into the game leading them to remove it to avoid more bugs popping up in the future.