Pagani Drivers Are Worse Than BMW Drivers

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Drivers of BMWs attract a certain stereotype for being among some of the worst drivers on the road. There are many people who believe that BMW drivers are the worst as the often don’t signal and they show off their vehicle by being irresponsible.

Of course you can’t put all drivers of BMWs in this category and some people suggest that it is the drivers of the Pagani that are in fact worse than those with a BMW. Pagani cars are rarely seen though thanks to the fact that they are produced in a volume that is limited. However it is this that makes the statistics go in their favor.

If you check out the video below you can see an owner of a Pagini Zonda driving in what can only be said to be a dangerous manner. You can see two occasions when a crash could have happened and this may have led to someone being seriously injured.

The clip does have you on the edge of your seat and we don’t recommend people try to copy it out on the roads. This type of driving would be better on a track rather than on the public roads.