Owners Of LG V10 Suffer Same Issues As LG G4

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Since the LG V10 arrived on the market there has been nothing but good said about it. While it is heavier than some of the rivals on the market, it is a top flagship handset for LG. It also shines light for the LG V20 following disappointment with the LG G5 and G4.

However, now owners of the LG V10 are coming forward to report the same issues with the boot loop that owners of the two LG G series devices had. Some people are so fed up of the issue that they have been bombarding social media.

The only fix for the boot loop issue that we have seen to date is to put the handset into the oven on low heat or in the freezer. It seems that doing a battery pull on the LG V10 or factory resetting the handset doesn’t work.

The LG G5 saw boot loop issues only with the first batches, however the issue with the LG V10 hasn’t shown up until around ten months after its release. There is some good news in that at least the warranty of the phone is still in place so people can do something about it.

However it is still a big worry for anyone who was considering purchasing the LG V10 or thinking about waiting for the LG V20 as there is the possibility that the issue won’t show up for some time after taking ownership of the device.

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