Owners Of LG V10 Suffer Same As Owners Of LG G4

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Things have been perfect for owners of the LG V10 since the handset was launched. On the downside it is heavier than some of the rivals but there is no mistaking the fact that it is a top of the range flagship device and there are hopes for the upcoming LG V20. Let’s face it the handset should be better than the LG G5 and the LG G4.

Now however some owners of the LG V10 have started to complain about the having the same issues with the boot loop as owners of the G-series have had. Some owners have gone on social media to complain about the issues with the handset.

Some people have said that the LG V10 issues can be fixed, however they are not a permanent fix. Users have said that they put their device into the freezer or the oven on a low setting and this seems to work better than doing a battery pull or factory reset.

The LG G5 suffered only from boot loops early on in the batches that were sold. However the issues for the LG V10 didn’t arrive until ten months following the launch of the device. The only good thing about it is that the device is still under the warranty.

However it is an issue for anyone that is interested in the LG V20 and more so when the boot loop issue may begin many months following buying it.

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