Owners of 2017 Mazda 6 Just Keep Losing

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The Mazda 6 sales have been on the decline but this really isn’t due to the fact that it offers bad styling, power, handling or fuel economy. This is a mid-sized sedan that can certainly excel when it comes to all the above areas.

What the Mazda 6 does have is lack of a crucial feature and this could be the vehicles biggest downfall. The vehicle is very attractive but this could not make up for the all-new G-Vectoring system.

This is the in-car telematics, otherwise known as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Mazda seems to be among the few carmakers that haven’t taken the connectivity tech on-board.

About two years ago Mazda promised Apple CarPlay, however they haven’t lived up to that promise. Owners of the Mazda 6 really are not happy about the Connect infotainment system offered to them.

While the Mazda 6 does offer up connectivity for smartphones, they have their own infotainment, and let’s face it, it doesn’t offer the clean and complete interface that Apple CarPlay is known to offer. It also doesn’t come with the real-time traffic alerts, which is a neat feature to have.

At the WWDC event, Apple showed off some updates that were superb that are making their way to the technology. This includes messaging support along with more apps and Apple are making some improvements to Apple Maps.

It does look as though Mazda isn’t taking what consumers want into account. A survey of 1,200 people recently showed that people purchasing vehicles such as the Mazda 6 want in-car connectivity more than they want safety features in vehicles.

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