Overwatch: Whose Getting Nerf?

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The latest update patch notes for Overwatch has been released. While some heroes will be getting buffed, some will get nerf and one of them is D.Va.

According to Blizzard, the current burst potential for D.Va is too high which is why they decided to even things out by reducing the damage of here Micro Missiles and Boosters impact. Instead of dealing 3 impact damage and 6 explosive damage, each missile will only 4 explosive damage and 3 impact damage.

Other heroes like Reaper will be getting a slight buff this time. Death Blossom will reload the shotgun after used and Wraith Form will get a movement speed bonus. They are hoping that Wraith Form can be more than just an escape mechanism.

These are just some of the changes Blizzard made with the latest update. You can head to their website to check out the full patch notes to see what other changes and upgrades the update will bring.

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